27-01-2017 – Last year was great, this year is going to be even better!

From the 1st of March our gate opens again, welcoming events, stopovers, groups and other types of vacation lovers.
But first, let us take you back to 2016. We can look back on a wonderful year filled with wonderful guests and great events.

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The diversity of our guests is fascinating. A group of American women visited to live like the French do. Enjoying champagne and the extraordinary cooking skills of chef Gerald Colier. A Dutch photography course was held on and around our domain twice. And a group of young Swiss pilots came flying towards our region in four oldtimer planes. Several families celebrated anniversaries, reunions and enjoyed the common spaces.

We also got a great deal of positive energy from all the visitors who came as guests and left as friends.

In springtime, some works were completed to facilitate the upcoming weddings and camping car guests. An old shed was transformed into a toilet and shower facility and the roof of the Bergerie (event barn) is totally renewed. La Grange (the huge event barn) has seen several improvements and the gardens and paths were prepared for the summer.

We had the honor to facilitate six beautiful weddings. During these days, we thoroughly enjoyed the special atmosphere between family and friends. It’s a great feeling to help build such intense and love-filled days!

The season was closed by a group of Dutch hunters who went home with a considerable catch.

We’re enjoying our endeavor a lot. For this next season, we’ve arranged some more help in different forms. One being a Dutch intern who is going to help coordinating events.

So we’ll see you after the 1st of March? The champagne is waiting for you!

22-01-2016 – Firing up the engines!

After a well deserved rest, we’re very excited to get going again. New projects are lining up and as from the 11th of February, we’ll be opening our doors again! In springtime, we will start building toilets and showers for campers and events. The roof of the event barn (bergerie) will also be renewed. The roof of our biggest stable will also be renovated, same for the roof of the Swallow nest. Furthermore, the vegetable garden will be expanded and the workshop will be renovated. With multiple marriages on the calendar, this will definitely become another great season. We hope to welcome you with even more enthusiasm.

23-09-2015 – End of the high season

The high season came to an end and it was an overwhelming succes for us! With great joy, we look back on everyone we welcomed. In the low season (1st of November until 11th of February) we’re only open on request, based on exclusivity of the domain.

09-09-2015 – The first event!

“Just do it” and we did it!

With this attitude we started our main renovation project, transforming our sheep stable into a event space. Despite our busy B&B, things worked out really well and we were honoured to have hosted the first wedding on our soil.

Last weekend, 60 enthusiastic Swiss came down and could enjoy the new event area, built of bed structures, feeder boxes, ladders, old windows, oak beams and 36 hand lamps.

Hours of hard work went into this project. It was worth it and beautiful memories remain. The pictures can be found on the Marriages page.

Geschreven op: 18-01-2015

Nadat we half november 2014 de sleutels in ontvangst hebben genomen, zijn inmiddels de slaapkamers zo goed als klaar en zullen de gemeenschappelijke ruimtes eind januari ingericht kunnen gaan worden. De buitenwerken, met name de verharde toeritten en  plaatsen voor de campers worden in maart afgemaakt. De reparatiewerkzaamheden zijn al in volle gang, vanaf februari zal er met

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